Le 13 Novembre - Le 15 Décembre 2013


Le 13 Novembre 2013


14th of November 2013

The first, awake and stormy night in the Atlantic brings the undoubted decision to stop by in Morocco. Even the flag is there, quickly recycled from the Montenegrin one. On the port of Casablanca VHF they shout that there is no marina, doesn’t exist, out of order ... Go to Agadir (another 250 miles) they say, or back to Mohammedia (13 miles into the wind and waves).

Hardly, but firmly we decide to go backwards. No place there neither, they say, go to the anchorage… ahhh no no, no way, we will invent something … The leak! Failure of the electronics! Bad case of seasickness – enough for them to photoshop us in the tiny marina.

We gratefully remember the port captain, the marina staff, Philippe, who composed us by his boat, his sea tribe spirit and musical generosity. And for taking care of Tsoya’s postcards!


17th of November 2013

The weather brought us to the second town in Morocco. And there, instead of a natural need to run away from the boat to the desert, in less than half an hour from the city, it took us half a day to realize that without a visa we cannot even move further than the cafe next to the marina, where we stay in the eyesight of guardians of law and order. Absurd and contrast to Mohammedia and impossible to negotiate. We restrained from climbing on the top of the mast with a pair of binoculars and have a “walk” around the town in front of the eyes of local authorities.


The Swordfish, The Shark, And At The Very End The Orca

Monday, the working day. After the well-deserved weekend, this working week brings some new excitments in the Velvet Moon Company. Here comes the report from the field.

Tsoya is at the helm, relaxed and occupied with his usual calculations.
Nes and Youngman play the game Pictionary.
The bite is dragged behind the boat at usual distance.

Suddenly the fishing line got lurched.

With a well-practiced tactics, the trio fantastico jumps in the action.
Tsoya passes to the left wheel, turns off the autopilot and changes the course for twenty degrees.
Youngman jumps inside the boat to bring the hook and a bottle of whiskey.
Nes catches the fishing line and start to fight by pulling it in with the routine uchimata movement.

Youngman notice that the swordfish has just jumped some 50m behind the boat.
Nes keeps on pulling the swordfish towards the stern.
Meanwhile, Tsoya is constantly concentrated on the wheel and at one moment feels the strong sting in right scapula.

Tsoya realizes that the swordfish jumped over and stabbed him in the shoulder. At the same moment Youngman jumps over with the idea to put the whiskey into the swordfish’s gill (the traditional way for a human killing of sea monsters!), but Tsoya abducts the bottle and pulls from the deep throat.

The swordfish is in the water again and the battle continues. Youngman burns the Rambo knife and glues Tsoya’s wound. Tsoya heroicly keeps on steering in order to let Nes come into the battlefield. Nes takes the same bloody knife from the previous scene, puts it between his teeth, jumps on the gangway and enters the fatal klinch with the ferocious beast. At that moment appears the shark jumping on the swordfish, than an orca arrives and jumps on the shark. Now all three creatures come into the range of Nes’s hands.

Captain Djidji (Gianluigi Buffon) appears and with his phenomenal parade defends the fishing and mutters through his teeth that it is time for shift... With this move Djidji falls in the eye of the selector and by that overtakes the trone from Maya, the best defender, so he becomes the unbeatable goalkeeper, the giant between the goal posts, the prince of Danube and Sava.

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