May to November 2013

Adriatic Sea

May 2013

How to stay indifferent in front of a secret chamber? The Mediterranean has one and it’s called Adriatic. And who wouldn’t guess that a bunch of things could be discovered there? The Adriatic chamber has floors and every single one deserves a particular attention…

For Velvet Moon, Montenegro was a temporary home for a couple of years. In 2013 she woke up (still daydreaming about the land of a rising sun). She knows every little bit of it and like to let herself follow the everyday rituals such as chatting with neighbours, recreational sailing or enjoying in a huge comfortable armchair of Boka Kotorska bay, listening to her endless stories.

Her favourite ride is around the southern Dalmatia. Cavtat is a perfect spot for taking a morning coffee and nice pastry in her preferred bakery. In Dubrovnik, she likes to mingle around and time travel. Then, when she needs no crowd, she can easily steer to gorgeous Elafiti islands to enjoy some friends. She is excited knowing that her heart would explode on Mljet, the reason for that is a rendezvous with her lover in silky Luka Prozurska, surrounded by deep greenery. This hedonistic lifestyle requires a moment for a glass of good wine, that in Dingac, at Peljesac peninsula, she drinks it as water from the source. Wine makes one sleepy and the best place for that can be Pavja luka on Korcula, just a little hop away, a tiny bay surrounded by terraces of wine yards. After the nap, a bite. Our boat is impatiently approaching Lastovo that she is always hungry of. Not only because of a couple of very special places with special food, but also because of its irresistible character, hard to describe with simple words, like some complex personality from a theatre play.

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Ionian Sea

June 2013

Everyone could take the navigation in Ionian for his personal episode of Odyssey. At the moment he came back home from the war.

Many of you will find yourselves in heaven and consider the slow rhythm of winds in this region a perfect contrast to the city overload. Even Corfu town won’t break this feeling as you can always find a hidden spot, listen to a quiet music rehearsal while petting the cuddly kitten in the narrow street with gracefully aged ambience.

Ionian could be seen as a non-stereotype atelier for mixing colours – from blue in green harmony of Skorpios, fluorescent alchemy of turquoise mixture in Lefkas, Anti Paxos or Mirthos beach in Kefalonia; till the combination of warmest colours of Venetian architecture and sci-fi tale flowers. Sometimes the biggest yellow lemon will suddenly jump into your sight! Ithaca is a myth by itself. If you walk around it, the nature whispers you incredible stories, one after another.

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Egean Sea - Cyclades

July 2013

If you hear someone saying, “I’ve sailed Cyclades”, you have a good reason to laugh.

The excitement lurks behind every island, where winds play hide and seek in a childish way. The only certain thing is that you will rarely miss them and never be bored. Windmills are proudly saying hello from the hilltops and join you in admiration of God Aeolus.

What magic ingredient had helped their basically functional architecture to become so tasteful and unique? Most probably, a rich spirit and lifestyle simplicity of people who live in these barren islands. Ways to experience them are countless and we will help you choose the approach that suits you most.

Whether you are interested in archaeological sites of Delos, thirsty of nightlife in neighbouring Mikonos, impatient to feel the domination of unpredictable nature while sailing the crater of Santorin. Diving around the wreck from the Big Blue movie in Amorgos is as unforgettable as just a little hush in a sublime intimacy of “Small Cyclades”.

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August 2013

In Greek mythology to find yourself between Scylla and Charybdis means that you must choose between two evils. Maybe you will experience even more discouraging situation if these two monsters in Messina canal announce what is hiding around Sicily. You will face a huge choice of wonders and beauties of the biggest island of the Med and in its centre, and you wont be able to decide where to go first. We are not concerned, because if we bump on a hideous Scylla like Odysseus, we would do the same as him: sacrifice our six guests onboard by bringing them to some of the famous “torture chambers” on the island.

You’ve probably heard about Syracuse, from history lessons. So, we reconsidered the lesson about this mighty Greek colony. While swimming under Taormina, take a risk to fall into jaws of the surreally blue cave, and from the town you will get anxious seeing quite closely the dreadful Etna, the biggest and the most active volcano in Europe. But not the only one around!

There is also Stromboli, the cone shaped little volcano island, whose blazing lava can be avoided from the anchorage (cross fingers for the mirror calm sea), or you can fight it by climbing up on a trekking tour. With other Aeolian islands, like Lipari and Salina, you will be impressed by this natural museum of evolution of volcanic forms.

And finally, if the tuna and swordfish chasers with harpoon equipped boats never pick you up, you will at least be invited to estimate their results in a plate, in front of hard choice between innumerable great Sicilian wines.

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September 2013

The East coast of the oldest Mediterranean island is embraced by the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the other sides by the Med. Nature shaped the architecture here, just like in Corsica, and you won’t be disappointed by out of tune hotels and buildings, that unfortunately became more and more frequent in many parts of the Med. But, as our will is to see something completely different, we enjoyed here … in distinctiveness of this mysterious island.

We recommend starting in Cagliari, the biggest town and the big entrance to the island. Sailing the east coast is only pleasure, helped by the day breeze blowing from southeast. While going up to the North, we slowly realized the sweet mixture of rural and sophisticated, so typical for Sardinia. As example, even if it might be a legend, there is a story about the man who bought a piece of precious coastland, Costa Smeralda, for a very uncommon currency – a flock of sheep. Often associated to luxury and celebrities, this region keeps its beauty and freshness, full of small bays and coves with white and rose beaches. La Madalena archipelago on the North seems like trying to reach out to the closest neighbouring pearls of Corsica.

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September 2013

A paradise or a problematic child? Atlántida or Utopia? Myth or reality? Napoleon claimed that he could smell her maquis from Elba; some people can see her from La Cote d’Azur. We prefer being there and having a viewpoint from some of her countless towers. Is she hard or fragile tells her geology: from tough granite, red magmatic rocks to crumbly limestone cliffs. Proud and vulnerable, stubborn and simple. Self-sufficient.

Did you know that the eternally white pick of Monte Cinto is 2700m high? “Wrong!” – a proud Corsican would assert. “If we take into account the sea depth of 2000m below that mountain, just aside of the coastline, we’ll see that the real height is almost 5000m!” The prevailing Mistral makes sailing around the magnificent western coast a challenging one and culminates in “Bouches de Bonifacio”.

The unspoiled beauty of Corsica creeps under the skin and, like a passionate lover, allures to meet again.

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Balearic Islands

October 2013

Here, we were happy to play the game “let’s find as much as secret and out of the beaten track places as we can”. … These islands are extremely popular, but in our experience there are always some hidden places waiting for the happy few. This game was even easier to play in period we spent there, the second part of October.

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are famed to allow one to enjoy sunny sailing on average 300 days a year. The Balearics have ideal weather conditions for navigating thanks to their privileged geographical position. Whether you are looking for quiet or lively ambience, we had only nice surprises sailing in these eclectic islands and we explored them with the owner and his great friends.

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